age is a command line tool for file encryption. The project was started by Filippo Valsorda (@filosotille) and Ben Cox (@benjojo12) at pyage is not an official implementation! Its goal is rather to understand the usage and inner workings of age. A more “official” version has been implemented by Filippo and is available on his github page.

The source code repository of this project can be found at GitHub.

About the documentation

This documentation is structured in four parts:

  • Tutorial should be your gateway into pyage. It’s aimed to be a starting point, guiding you through the installation process to encrypting (and decrypting) your first file.

  • How-To Guides explain some common day-to-day workflows and how to solve them using pyage. It’s definitely more advanced than the Tutorial, however, there is no need to know about the inner workings of pyage.

  • Reference describes the machinery behind pyage. It mostly consists of the API reference and should be your reference if you’d like to poke into pyage’s source code.

  • Background contains background information about pyage and age in general. It’s goal is to shed some light into the design decision behind age.

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